International training program

WAPP promotes the theory, method and practice of Positive Psychotherapy. It is engaged in the training of postgraduate professionals in psychotherapy, family therapy and counseling in different countries. In addition, WAPP organizes workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars pertaining to the different aspects of PPT as well as cross-cultural exchange of theories, techniques and research.

Training courses

WAPP's main postgraduate training program is divided into five courses. These are designed in a sequential order, i.e. they need to be completed successively starting with the lowest level.

  • Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy (Basic Course)
  • Certified Positive Psychotherapist (Master Course)
  • European Certified Positive Psychotherapist
  • Basic Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy
  • Master Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy

The courses are split up into modules of 3 or 4 days each, spread over several months depending on the kind of course.

Preconditions for participation, duration and fees please find in Training Standards.

Places and dates of international trainings please find at Courses and Dates or for more information.