First issue of PPT Journal “The Global Psychotherapist” is published

Global Psychothrapist 1 P final

Fabulous news!!!
We are very pleased to announce the official release of the first issue of the Journal of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy “THE GLOBAL PSYCHOTHERAPIST”!
You can find and download it here:

Volume 1. Number 1. January 2021

We are incredibly grateful to the Editorial Board, International Advisory Board, editors and secretaries for the incredibly valuable work done!
Special thanks to all authors for your contribution to the development of the PPT method!


Annual Review 2020

Annual Review 2020

Dear WAPP members,
Dear friends and supporters of Positive Psychotherapy worldwide,

The year 2020 is coming to its end. It was an extraordinary year with changes one would not have imagined 12 months ago. The pandemic was the major theme of this year, but it was amazing to witness how all of you took this crisis as an opportunity to raise to a new level. Our worldwide community of PPT has become stronger and more united than it was one year ago. It has really become a global movement. Today, we wish to share with you some highlights and events of 2020, but this is only a small part of all the activities which happened all over the world.

News and information from WAPP


In the last months and at their last frequent Zoom meetings the WAPP Board has discussed many topics, made decisions, and initiated new projects we would like to share with you.

Please find topics discussed here and read them carefully. You can help us make all these projects a success.

If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact the WAPP Head Office anytime. Thank you.

Online Therapy in Times of Pandemic


The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) gives the following information regarding online therapy. But please consider your own countries' regulations. They might differ from the EAP's recommendation.

Online therapy is acceptable for EAP in general in certain percent of
overall therapy, however in the COVID pandemic situation all online
therapy will be accepted due to the fact that there is no other way and
it would be unethical to risk lives.
Secondly we do have Interim advice on our website for online therapy.
Here is the link

New Board of Directors 2020-2022

Candidates 2020

The members of our association have elected a new WAPP Board of Directors 2020-2022

For the first time and due to the pandemic the election took place only by electronic vote. With the program Election Runner this worked very well. Full members eligible to vote received a link to vote for their candidates from 10 July to 16 August 2020. Of these 1,043 eligible voters 358 participated in the election (=34%).

The voters elected 7 candidates. The 8th Board member is a representative of the Peseschkian Foundation and therefore is not elected. Representative of the Foundation is Dr. Tinia Tober.

And these are the new WAPP Board members (in alphabetical order):

Ewa Dobiala, Maksim Goncharov, Gabriela Hum, Ivan Kirillov, Olga Lytvynenko, Hamid Peseschkian, Tinia Tober, and Richard Werringloer.

Our special thanks go to all candidates who were ready to serve as Board members.
Thank you for your commitment!

Trademark registration in the USA

Registration USA

We are happy to share with you the good news that our trademark “Positive Psychotherapy (PPT after Peseschkian, since 1977)” has been registered in the USA on 23 June 2020 with the registration no. 6,082,225.

This is an important achievement for our method and the protection of its name.

“Positive Psychotherapy (PPT after Peseschkian, since 1977)” has been registered in the European Union and Switzerland in 2016 in German and English with the registration numbers 014512578 and 014512537. The registration is in progress in Russia and Ukraine with the application numbers 2020714578 in Russia and 57170/3M/20 in Ukraine.

PPT YouTube Channel

YouTube channel

We have an official YouTube channel you don't want to miss.

And if you have your own video(s) related to Positive Psychotherapy, please sent them to us at the Head Office.
We check the contents and will be happy to upload your video there, too.

EAP Newsletter


The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) frequently issues a newsletter/member information.

The EAP wishes to involve as many organizations and individuals by asking for contributions. If you would like to add a report or article please contact the EAP

Here you will find the document providing all instructions about formatting of your contribution and the Newsletter Policy.

IFP Newsletter


The International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP) frequently issues a newsletter.

Please click here for the latest version of December 2020, 12/20
Version of May 2020, 05/20
Version January 2019, 01/19
Older IFP newsletters

WAPP is a member of the IFP, which means that becoming a WAPP member makes you an IFP member automatically.
Please , if you have any questions.

The IFP website keeps you informed about their work and events.

WPA Newsletter


Below please find the June 2020 issue of World Psychiatry (impact factor: 34.024, ranking no. 1 among psychiatric journals and among all journals included in the Social Science Citation Index):

All back issues of the journal can be freely downloaded from the PubMed system.

Improve your professional competencies!


If you are at home these days, use the time of quarantine or exit-lock to improve your psychotherapeutic competencies: read our new and older PPT books, write articles, or prepare presentations, improve your theory knowledge. We are all working in a health care sector, no matter if as therapist, counsellor, teacher or supervisor. After and during this crisis your competencies will be needed – probably more than before.
Use this time-out for your professional self-improvement.

Take care of yourselves!

In Memoriam

Peseschkian Manije

Dear colleagues and friends,

With grieving hearts, we have to convey to you that on 3rd March 2020 the “mother” of Positive Psychotherapy, Mrs. Manije Peseschkian, left this mortal world. Since August last year she did not feel well, but it was very important for her to participate at the World Congress in Kemer. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and the last weeks she spent with her family and close friends at home. Her last message was:

Dear family and friends,
2020 marks my 80th year on planet earth. I enjoyed this journey immensely having been able to travel all 5 continents and seen more than 70 countries and territories. You personally have been an important part in the accompaniment of my life journey for which I am infinitely grateful. Now the time has come to start the longest journey of my life. A few months ago I reserved a ticket for my last venture to the Divine kingdom.
Yours Manije

She was buried in the same grave as her husband and founder of Positive Psychotherapy at the Wiesenbaden-Sonnenberg cemetary.

Now, the torch has been passed on to all of us to follow her footsteps and to continue to work for a better and more peaceful world.

With loving greetings,

Hamid Peseschkian and family

New book: Positive Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Psychology

6P book

After 2 years of intensive work, the first book worldwide which combines positive psychology, positive psychotherapy, and positive psychiatry, has been published. 49 authors from 13 countries and 5 continents. The eBook version was published in January 2020, and you can download the introduction and the abstracts free of charge.

Now, let us promote the idea of this book of “Positive Mental Health”.

Springer website with access to free downloads

6P Inforgrafik 1

47 Centers and Cooperations Worldwide

The World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy is growing

In January 2020 we have 47 Centers and cooperations worldwide in 15 countries:

1. Yerevan, Armenia
2. Varna, and other cities in Bulgaria
3. Chengdu, China
4. Shenzhen, China
5. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
6. Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
7. Jimma, Ethiopia
8. Tbilisi, Georgia
9. HZPP Hamburg, Germany
10. WIPPB Herford, Germany
11. Paritätische Akademie Wuppertal, Germany
12. Pristina, Kosovo
13. Riga, Latvia
14. Nicosia, North-Cyprus
15. Wroclaw, Poland
16. Brasov, Romania
17. Bucharest, Romania
18. Cluj, Romania
19. Tg. Mures, Romania
20. University Arkhangelsk, Russia
21. CPP Russia Khabarovsk, Russia
22. “Positum 705” Khabarovsk, Russia
23. Krasnodar, Russia
24. “Positum23” Krasnodar, Russia
25. Moscow, Russia
26. Ufa, Russia
27. “Olgu” Ankara, Turkey
28. Izmir, Turkey
29. Istanbul, Turkey
30. Istanbul “Positum Education, Consultancy and Health Services”, Turkey
31. Kocaeli, Turkey
32. UIPP Cherkassy, Ukraine
33. Simferopol, Crimea
34. Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
35. Kiev „New Kiev“, Ukraine
36. Kiev „New People“, Ukraine
37. Kiev “Center for Personality Development POSITUM”, Ukraine
38. Kiev “Positum“, Ukraine
39. Kiev „Terra Balance“, Ukraine
40. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology (Ukraine) – agreement signed in Jan 2020 (new) -
41. Odessa „Dao“, Ukraine
42. Odessa “Odessa Positum”, Ukraine
43. Odessa, Ukraine
44. Odessa at SUIPPM, Ukraine
45. Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine
Newest Centers:
46. Gostivar, North Macedonia
47. Blagoveshchensk, Russia

We are proud to have reached the mark of 1400 members in January 2020, 1410 to be precise.

Many thanks to all our active members, trainers, center managers, practitioners and interested followers!

Positive Psychotherapy Award 2019

Rafat Award 2019 1

Dr. Sheyda Rafat receives the Positive Psychotherapy Award 2019

The Positive Psychotherapy Award was established in 2000 during the 2nd World Congress of Positive Psychotherapy in Wiesbaden, Germany. Since then, 31 award winners have been honoured for their support and promotion of Positive Psychotherapy worldwide in the fields of training, education, publication and innovation.

This year, the Professor Peseschkian Foundation has honoured Dr. Sheyda Rafat in recognition of her continued support and achievements in the development of Positive Psychotherapy training in different countries.

Dr. Sheyda Rafat was born in Iran. After graduating from school, she spent some years living in Madagascar and then Turkey, where she graduated from university with degrees in psychology and education. Finally, she found her second home in Germany where she earned her PhD .
Thanks to her biography, Dr. Sheyda Rafat embodies transcultural experiences. She has given trainings in Positive Psychotherapy in many different countries.

The Positive Psychotherapy Award 2019 was handed over to Dr. Sheyda Rafat in a ceremony during the 7th World Congress of Positive Psychotherapy in October 2019.

7th World Congress for Positive Psychotherapy 2019

Congress HP Messias

We had a major PPT event in 2019!

7th World Congress for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy:

Anniversary Congress – Seminar Congress: 50 Years Positive Psychotherapy
“Health – Culture – Psychotherapy”

It took place in Kemer, Turkey, 6-12 October 2019

With 104 plenary and individual presentations and workshops it was one of our biggest events ever. We were happy to welcome about 340 participants from 24 countries.
We offered not only some new presentation formats like short-talks and express-talks, but also included social and community events, such as a Center evening, an excursion and a very special gala-dinner.

The next World Congress is planned for the year 2022. You don't want to miss it!

Many thanks to all participants, contributors, organizer team, and hotel staff, who made this event an enriching and fruitful experience!


New EAP EAPTI logo

EAPTI logo

The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) revised its logo for European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTIs).

The International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP) and the Wiesbaden Academy for Psychotherapy (WIAP) are EAPTIs and are eligible to use this new logo.

EAPTIs may apply for the ECP (European Certificate for Psychotherapy) for their training graduates. Our international graduates of Positive Psychotherapy apply for the ECP via IAPP with the so-called “Direct Award” procedure. German graduates of the WIAP apply via WIAP. Please for more information about the ECP.

The EAPTI logo is foreseen for EAPTIs only and can be exclusively used for their training programs.

Research Project on Humanistic Psychology

The following request has reached us concerning a research project with practitioners of humanistic psychology:

Researchers in the Psychology Department at Saybrook University are collaborating on a project to investigate important influences in humanistic psychology and its practitioners. Your organization, World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, is an important resource in the field of humanistic psychology. We hope you will consider assisting us by distributing the attached flyer for the research project.

The research project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Saybrook University. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Louis Hoffman, PhD, is the contact person for this research. He can be reached .

The results of this project will be of interest to all who share a concern for the history, development, and practice of humanistic psychology. We appreciate your assistance in recruiting participants for this research project.

Registration of Positive and Transcultural Pedagogy

The Peseschkian Foundation is happy to share the good news that the term „Positive und transkulturelle Pädagogik nach Peseschkian“ (“Positive and transcultural pedagogy after Peseschkian”) in German language has been registered as trademark in the EU.

The Peseschkian Foundation offers advanced trainings for teachers using this term. To protect it they applied for official registration, which has now been granted.

Click here for the registration document and certificate

Our Method's Trademark Registration

Positive Psychotherapy (PPT after Peseschkian, since 1977) has now been registered as trademark in the United States of America (registration no. 1343592). The registration in the European Union has already been completed in 2016 (registration no. 014512578 and 014512537).

This is a big step for our method and for our Association. We are very happy to have finally completed this long and difficult registration process.

Congratulations to all of us, our trainers, Centers, members and all practitioners of PPT!

Foundation of the Month

Stiftung des Monats

We are happy to share with you the good news that the Peseschkian Foundation (International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, IAPP) has been honored with the prize “Foundation of the Month” of the German state of Hesse.

State Secretary Michael Bußer in his speech:
„The Foundation includes an 'International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy'. It bases on the conviction that every human being, every family, every society and culture has the potential to live in healthiness, equity and peace with each other. […] For its engaged and exemplary work we honor the Foundation and thank for its important contribution to the social cohesion.”

Click here for the official press release – in German language

New release of Nossrat Peseschkian's books

Books by Nossrat Peseschkian released in a new Positive Psychotherapy Series

Five bestsellers of Positive Psychotherapy have been released in a new series and are available as paperback or ebook edition:

In Search of Meaning
Positive Psychotherapy of Everyday Life
Positive Family Therapy
Oriental Stories as Techniques in Positive Psychotherapy
Positive Psychosomatics

First mobile application on Positive Psychotherapy

Mobile App

Dr. Maxim Goncharov has created and published a mobile application on Apple Sore called “POSITUM – life balance”.

It is designed to measure people's life balance and to receive explanations and recommendations. The users are also invited to take part in a global scientific research just by one click.

The App is available for iPhone and Android.

It is available in English and Russian language. Please directly, if you would like to help translate it to other languages.