WAPP training certificates

WAPP's main postgraduate training program is divided into four parts. These parts are designed in a sequential order, i.e. they need to be completed successively starting with the lowest level.

Therefore, the certificates to be obtained are (from lowest to highest level):

  • Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy (Basic Course, 200 hours)
  • Certified Positive Psychotherapist (Master Course, 810 hours)
  • European Certified Positive Psychotherapist (1400 hours)
  • Basic Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy
  • Master Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy

Example certificate “Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy”:

BC Sample

WAPP charges a certification fee for every issued certificate. The fees are graded according to the completed level of PPT education and to the financial level of the country, in which the course was attended.

A detailed list of certificate fees please find at costs.