International Academy for Positive
and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP)
Peseschkian Foundation

The Peseschkian Foundation, International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP), has been established in 2005. It is a non-profit organization which is engaged in the development of Positive Psychotherapy worldwide.

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Targets and Goals

  • Contribute to creating and establishing a culture of cooperation and understanding
  • Encourage and motivate political and religious leaders, scientists, economists and individuals for the purpose of unity in diversity. Exchange and interchange of ideas with other social and therapeutic organizations.
  • Science and research, in cases of conflict resolution and stress management as contribution to the development of peace.
  • Integral professional and scientific exchange in the educational and therapeutic work with children, adolescents and adults.
  • Practical application for further education and postgraduate education in the form of seminars, workshops, and courses in the field of Positive Psychotherapy.
  • Health and well-being as imbedded in a holistic system.
  • Self-help as a resource-oriented approach.
  • Counsel and guide individuals, families and organizations in terms of education, upbringing, economy- and society-related issues.
  • Application of Positive Psychotherapy and psychosomatics as a resource-oriented and conflict-centered short-term therapy.
  • Diminish prejudice, advancement of sexual equality, the combat of poverty, structural aid in the fields of demographic, educational and health policy, as well as senior support.
  • Establish and preserve an International Archive on Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy.
  • Maintain and expand an extensive library.
  • Award «Positive Psychotherapy Prize» in different categories.

Projects of the Peseschkian Foundation

Education: teacher training and Positive Pedagogic in Germany and abroad; Positive Management for school administrators.

Mental Health for schools, teachers, students, parents and society.

Self-help: public lectures and workshops; Books of Positive Psychotherapy in different languages

Postgraduate Program: certified trainings for counsellors and familiy coaches in Germany (Positiver Familien- und Konfliktberater)

Cross-Cultural Projects: Basic- and Master-Courses of Positive Psychotherapy in Ethiopia (Mental Health Project) & social project in Addis Ababa; lectures and workshops at universities and conferences in Iran.

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